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Karaoke Bingo

Karaoke Bingo is a game that involves the whole crowd. All players get a card that looks like a regular bingo card but instead of having numbers and letters it has genres and artists & part of a song title. For example, a card might look like this:

Bob Seger
Bon Jovi
Black Eyed Peas
R & B
Tim McGraw
ZZ Top
Garth Brooks
Little Richard
Big & Rich
Teddy Geiger
Jessica Simpson
Just Like Heaven
Billy Joel
This is a long game and can take up to 3hr to play depending on how may rows you have and how you play the game. In this version players can mark off a spot if the word or words are in the official song title as displayed on the screen or is the artist name.

Strategy hint: if you are close to a bingo, you can always sign up to sing the required song!

Good Time Karaoke has searched the internet to find some of the best karaoke games around. Below you will find a list of games any KJ can play at a private party or a club gig. If you have a game you play just drop us an email and if we use it we will send you a free cdg. If you have more information on a game listed here or just want to make a comment please drop an email to

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