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Song Chain Karaoke - The KJ gets some contestants, picks his favorite song, and sings it. While KJ is singing his song, contestant #1 must find a song with a title that contains one of the words from the KJ's title. Contestant #1 then sings their song. Contestant #2 then must pick out a song with a title containing a word from contestant #1's title. Contestant are out if they either choose not to sing or finish the song or if they cannot find a song title with a word from the previous song title. For example, I may sing "Love Shack", and you may then decide to do "Money Can't Buy Me Love", and the next person might choose "Money For Nothing".

Good Time Karaoke has searched the internet to find some of the best karaoke games around. Below you will find a list of games any KJ can play at a private party or a club gig. If you have a game you play just drop us an email and if we use it we will send you a free cdg. If you have more information on a game listed here or just want to make a comment please drop an email to

Make your Karaoke show a fun, high-energy, incredibly entertaining Karaoke show packed with music, talent, plus wild contests and valuable prizes. Make your show one they tell there friends about and very different than an ordinary Karaoke night.