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Acesonic Karaoke Mixer with USB
Acesonic Karaoke Mixer with USB
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Acesonic ACEKM-111 PC/DVD/MP4/Guitar Karaoke Mixer with USB

Turn your PC or DVD player into a karaoke machine.  This is the cheapest and the most convenient solution to enjoy karaoke at home without buying an expensive machine!  You will also get 1 free DVD disc to get started.

The Acesonic ACEKM-111 Karaoke Mixer will convert any PC, DVD player, CD player, iPod or MP3/MP4 player into a full-function karaoke machine without breaking your budget! The new Acesonic ACEKM-111 Karaoke Mixer now boasts USB-to-PC Connection! You can count on clear, and vibrant stereo playback and recording to and from your PC!

The ACEKM-111 Karaoke Mixer can receive a digital signal to and from your PC using USB 2.0 interface, which means no loss of quality, no static and most importantly no interference when outputting to your speaker system. You can also send a clear digital audio signal back to your PC so you can record your live performance.  Now you can record your karaoke performances and share them online with your friends or on popular social web sites.

This machine has everything you'll need! Connect up to 4 microphones using the two ¼" microphone inputs and two XLR balanced inputs on the machine.  Alternatively,  you can connect a piano keyboard or an electric guitar into the XLR connections and 2 microphones at the same time! The connection is very simple!  You just need to connect your  DVD player, computer, iPod or MP3/MP4 player to the audio input on the back followed by connecting the audio output to your TV, home theatre system, or stereo and you're ready to party! It's that easy! You'll be able to boost sound performance simply by turning on the '3D Sound Enhancer' function. This will improve a full range of audio frequencies. There will be a very noticeable improvement in bass and vocals!  The Acesonic ACEKM-111 Mixer also comes with 1 headphone jack so you can listen to your singing in privacy or connect a pair of powered computer speakers to share your performance with your friends and family.


  • USB-to-PC Connection - Play karaoke music from your PC and record your performance back to your PC using the USB port.  Now you can sing on your PC and enjoy the best quality sound with no signal loss.
  • Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible only - This device is plug and play; no need to install additional software
  • Two Individual Microphone Volume Control (front) - Set the volume of each microphone in relation to the other. Mainly used to adjust singer's volume so no one is louder than another.
  • 3D Sound Enhancer - Enhance a full ranger of frequencies. Able to turn on or off.
  • Music Volume Control - Adjust playback volume of music.
  • Microphone Treble Control - Adjust treble for all 4 microphones.
  • Microphone Bass Control - Adjust bass for all 4 microphones.
  • Microphone Echo Control - Adjust the echo effect for all 4 microphones.
  • Multiplex Function - Adjust audio channels to Stereo/Mono Left/Mono Right.  Works with all CD+G and VCD discs or music with Multiplex recording.
  • Headphone Output Jack - You can listen to your singing privately using headphones or connect to any powered computer speakers to share your singing with your friends and family.
  • Headphone Volume Controller - You can adjust the volume of your headphone or speakers connected to the Headphone Output Jack.
  • Integrated USB Audio Solution using C-Media CM106 Audio I/O Controller.   Even if you don't have a sound card for your computer, the ACEKM-111 works as an external sound board via USB port that you can play and record your sound sources.  You can connect a microphone and a headphone to the ACEKM-111 Mixer and use it for Skype or making a phone call using MSN.
  • Works as PC Sound Mixer.  You can connect your headphone or computer speaker to the Acesonic ACEKM-111 to listen to music from your PC and use the knobs on the front to adjust sound volume level and add 3D sound to your music enjoyment.




  • 115/230 Voltage Selection - Select the proper voltage for your country for worldwide compatibility.




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