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Acesonic Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 500GB HD
Acesonic Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 500GB HD
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Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 500GB HD


The Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox is the latest and most highly developed system from Acesonic. This new model still maintains ease of use but is much more powerful than ever. Capturing a disc has never been easier and faster as you can directly rip a disc to the hard drive and use the remote to enter in song number, song title and artist. You will not have to wait for the disc to play through anymore freeing up a lot of your time so you can sing more, and capture less. Searching for songs has also been made easier. Users will now be able to search by artist as well as by title. This powerful search engine will help you find songs easier and faster helping you fill-up your 80 song cue in no time.

What makes the Acesonic KOD-800 the ultimate system is that this is the only player on the market that will enable you to capture all of your CD+Gs, VCDs or Audio CD karaoke discs directly from the DVD tray into the internal hard drive. No computer skills are required! Access up to 25,000 songs instantly through the on-screen selection or song book. This karaoke machine is perfect for KJs, rentals, restaurants, clubs or if you simply want to have the ultimate karaoke system for any occasion!

This Karaoke-On-Demand jukebox (KOD) comes with a built-in 500GB hard drive which can hold approximately 8,000 uncompressed CD+G tracks. You can upgrade the hard drive size up to 1TB for up to a 25,000 song capacity. The removable hard drive enables you to upgrade to a larger capacity drive in the future.

The Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke on Demand Jukebox has 2 modes

Product Manual for the Acesonic KOD-800 Karaoke-On-Demand Jukebox System with 500GB HD HACEPL0800

* DVD mode: Fully functional DVD/VCD/CD+G Karaoke Player.
* KOD mode: This mode is a video and music jukebox that plays files stored in the hard drive

The KOD player offers a unique "disc to hard drive" capturing function. You can copy any VCD, CD+G or CD Audio track directly from the built-in 8X DVD tray into the hard drive. The song data is stored on the hard drive uncompressed so you can enjoy the highest fidelity of music and video without the hassle of swapping discs. You can assign a song number and a category so recalling the song is just a touch of a button through either on screen navigation or by song number. You can input the artist name and song title using the remote control keypad.

Available HD Capacity # of Songs (approx.) Price
500GB 8000 Included
750GB 18,750 Add $150
1TB 25,000 Add $200


* Full function Karaoke and Music Jukebox
* 2 System Modes: Play from Hard Drive (jukebox mode), or Play from DVD Player
* Works like a DVD/CD+G Player in DVD Player Mode
* Works like a karaoke jukebox in KOD Mode
* Transfer VCD, Audio CD or CD+G into hard drive without a PC
* All song files are stored in its original uncompressed format so there is no compression loss like MP3+G
* Direct Playback from hard drive using pre assigned song number
* 2 Remote Controllers - 1 used for KOD Client, 1 full function remote with keypad
* Total Solution for Karaoke Business' with coin and bill acceptor interface
* Small and Compact Design - 2" Height. No larger than a regular DVD Player
* Pull-out Hard Drive for easy upgrade or file transfer through PC
* Instant access to song library by remote control
* Song category search by screen and songbook
* 80 Song Reservation Memory
* Random Play, Auto play, Repeat Play
* On Screen Song Selection using Navigator button
* Select songs from song book
* Support Multiple Languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)
* Large-Key Glow-In-The-Dark Remote Control
* Advertising / Demo Play feature
* Compatible Disc Formats: DVD, SVCD, CD+G, VCD, Audio-CD, MP3, MPEG, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW
* Power Supply: AC 100V ~~220V (50/60Hz)
* Power Consumption: Less than 54W
* Weight: 7.5lbs (3.5 kg)
* Dual 1/4" Microphone Inputs
* Frequency Response: 20Hz~~20KHz
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >85dB
* Hard Drive Size: 3.5" SATA- 500GB IDE 7200RPM Preformatted (Upgradeable to 1TB Hard Drive)
* Maximize Hard Drive Size: 1,000GB Single Drive Slot
* Audio Outputs: L/R, Coaxial, Optical, 5.1 Surround Sound
* Video Outputs: Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video
* 14 Step Key Controller
* Built-in Serial Port to support Coin / Dollar Bill Acceptor (only for the Acesonic Jukebox, available soon)
* Built-in Hard Drive fan
* One year manufacturer warranty
* Dimension: 19.9" L x 11.4" W x 2.2" H
* 19" Rackmount Kit Included
* CE / UL Approved

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